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Wednesday, July 10, 2024
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Orthopedic Lecture Notes download part 1

Orthipedic lecture notes pdf from  shared listed from orthopaedic surgeons in the Northern Deanery, UK. click to view online or download directly to respective topic

Extensor tendon injuries (0.7 MB)
Flexor Tendon injuries (0.8 MB)
Stenosing tenovaginitis (0.4 MB)
UCL injuries (3.9 MB)
Keinbock’s disease (9.6 MB)
Amputations in the hand (0.9 MB)
Compartment syndrome (1.8 MB)
Hand Infections (1.6 MB)
Scaphoid fractures (2.3 MB)
Distal radius fractures (4.9 MB)
Congenital Hands (0.4 MB)
Embryology of upper limb (1.7 MB)
Madelung and multiple exostoses (1.8 MB)
Congenital hand (19.7 MB)
Dupuytren’s: Epidemiology & Aetiology (1.2 MB)
Dupuytren’s: Anatomy and pathology (1.4 MB)
Dupuytren’s: Surgery (1.3 MB)
OA Hand: Clinical Presentations (0.3 MB)
OA Hand: Surgical management (2.8 MB)
Tumours in the Upper Limb (7.9 MB)
Basic Principles of hand and wrist surgery (14.1 MB)
The diagnosis and management of common shoulder disorders (2.8 MB)
Shoulder approaches (1.4 MB)
Shoulder Arthroscopy (1.2 MB)
Shoulder Anatomy (0.4 MB)
Proximal humerus fractures (9.9 MB)
Examination of the shoulder (1 MB)
Current concepts in rotator cuff repair (9.1 MB)
Animation of crossed double suture technique (video) (24.8 MB) 
Open rotator cuff repair (0.1 MB)
Debatable issues in rotator cuff (0.4 MB)
History and Diagnosis of Frozen Shoulder(0.8 MB)
Treatment of Frozen Shoulder(0.1 MB)
arthroscopic capsular release Dave Cloke (0.4 MB)
Treatment of frozen shoulder 2010 evidence Tom Barwick (0.4 MB)
Advocating humeral plating (1.6MB)
Advocating humeral nailing (0.6 MB)
Treatment of frozen shoulder 2010 evidence Tom Barwick (0.4 MB)
Shoulder arthroplasty (6.5 MB)
Shoulder resurfacing (0.5 MB)
Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty (2.5 MB)
The Exeter Diamond (3.5 MB)
Examining a shoulder for instability (video) (3.7 MB)
Treatment of shoulder instability (5.8 MB)
Physiotherapy for shoulder instability (6.0 MB)
AC Joint (0.4 MB)
Medial end of the clavicle (1.5 MB)
Elbow Arthroplasty (17.6 MB)
Elbow Examination (3.7 MB)
Elbow Imaging (9.2 MB)
Lateral elbow pain (1.3 MB)
Tennis Elbow (0.4 MB)
Distal Humeral Fractures (3.3 MB)

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