Writing Thesis Protocol for MD/MS study

Writing a Thesis protocol

Thesis is a one of the important research for the student during their study period especially in master or postgraduate degree. For a  study to be done or thesis, first a plan regarding the study is to be written up which is called as Thesis Protocol (synopsis) or study protocol
Most of the medical research studies or thesis/dissertations follow the rules laid down and it should be adhered to a common protocol  . It’s here a sample thesis protocol as listed sub headings to be included for the medical research studies
MD / MS – Thesis Protocol

  1.  Title of the study
  2.  Name of the Investigator / Student
  3.  Guide / Co-guide for the study
  4.  Introduction / Background for the study
  5. Aims and Objectives
  6.  Methodology
  7.  Data collection
  8.  Data entry and analysis
  9.  Expected outcome of the study
  10. Funding source
  11. Ethical considerations
  12. References
  13. Questionnaire
  14. Informed Consent
  15. Recommendation from Head of Department / Unit chief:
  16. Letter to Dean / Chairman of Institutional Ethics Committee for study approval:
  17. No objection certificate from any other departments or institutions concerned with the study:

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