So What is Drug Addiction?

What is drug addiction? Drug addiction can also be called a substance use disorder or (SUD). This is an addiction to drugs which have negative consequences on the person’s health and it changes the person’s behaviors and brain structure. People can get addicted to any legal or illegal drugs such as alcohol or cannabis. Some can even get addicted to certain medications like opioid medication that doctors prescribe to treat the chronic pain in an individual. Nicotine, marijuana, and alcohol are commonly misused drugs in today’s world. o let’s dive into more on what is drug addiction?

Examples of illegal drugs include:

  1. Heroin
  2. Cocaine or crack cocaine
  3. Methamphetamine
  4. Bath Salts
  5. Methadone
  6. Ecstasy
  7. Marijuana
  8. LSD
  9. Mushrooms
  10. PCP
drug addiction
drug addiction

Commonly Used Prescription Drugs

  1. Opioid painkillers
  2. Benzodiazepines
  3. Stimulants, such as those used to treat ADHD
  4. Antidepressants
  5. Anti-obsessive agents
  6. Mood stabilizers

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Some facts of drug addiction according to

  1. As per the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 19.7 million adults in the U.S. battled SUD in 2017 (individuals who are aged 12 and older).
  2. About 74% of those adults struggled with an alcohol use disorder (AUD) in 2017.
  3. About 38% of adults battled an illegal drug use disease in 2017.
  4. One out of every eight adults had both SUD and AUD in the same year.
  5. 5 million adults in the U.S. had both SUD and mental health disorders or co-occurring disorders in 2017.
  6. Drug addiction causes the U.S. a $740 billion annual loss.

Common signs of drug addiction include:

  1. Loss of control
  2. Continued problems despite negative consequences
  3. Spending less time on activities that used to be important, such as hanging out with family and friends, exercising, or pursuing hobbies or other interests
  4. Drop-in attendance and performance at work or school
  5. Taking serious risks to obtain one’s drug of choice
  6. Acting out in personal relationships, particularly if someone is attempting to address their substance problems
  7. Going out of one’s way to hide the number of drugs taken
  8. Serious changes or deterioration in hygiene or physical appearance
  9. Needing to use more and more of the drug to produce the same effect
  10. Withdrawal symptoms such as shakiness, trembling, sweating, nausea, or fatigue

Treatment for drug addiction.

Some of the known and effective treatments for drug addiction and drug addiction help are; Detoxification & withdrawal therapy Chemical dependency treatment programs and also Self-help groups.

What is Drug Addiction

Movies about drug addiction

Some of the popular movies about drug addiction include

  1. Requiem for a Dream.
  2. Everything Must Go.
  3. Less Than Zero.
  4. Addiction Recovery Is Possible.

Songs about drug addiction

  1. Staind – It’s Been a While. And it’s been a while. …
  2. Jamey Johnson – High Cost of Living. Every day the same damn thing. …
  3. Brad Paisley & Allison Krauss – Whiskey Lullaby. …
  4. The Offspring – Kid’s Aren’t Alright. …
  5. October – Hate Me. …
  6. Linkin Park – Breaking the Habit. …
  7. Theory of a Deadman – RX Medicate. …
  8. Nickelback – Rockstar.

We just listed Movies about drug addiction and also Songs about drug addiction. These Movies and songs are well known and provide information or tell a story regarding drug addiction.

How to help someone with drug addiction and depression?

Some of the symptoms of depression include;

  1. Low energy levels
  2. Loss of interest in enjoyable activities
  3. Changes in weight or appetite
  4. General sadness or crying episodes
  5. Changes to sleeping patterns
  6. Apathetic toward people and life

Now we will discuss How to help someone with drug addiction and depression?

There are several ways for supporting and helping a person with depression and substance abuse issues. if any of your loved ones are experiencing the symptoms of drug abuse and depression then we can do the following things;

  1. Offer the person with depression and addiction help.
  2. Take him to the doctor or hospital
  3. Schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist
  4. Schedule an appointment with a health counselor
  5. Rehabilitation centers can also be considered if the person is still using drugs.

Besides the above-mentioned way, there are also various other ways on How to help someone with drug addiction and depression.

Almost all people struggling with addiction show signs and symptoms. These can be looked for in that individual to know about the condition. These include;

  1. Sudden change in behavior
  2. Mood swings
  3. Withdrawal from family members
  4. Red or glassy eyes
  5. Runny or stuffy nose
  6. Problems at school or work
  7. Lack of energy or motivation
  8. Becoming careless about personal grooming
  9. Loss of interest in hobbies, sports, and other favorite activities
  10. Changes in sleeping patterns
  11. Sudden requests for money or a spike in spending habits

Here we have discussed the facts about alcohol.

Final Thoughts

We discussed drug addiction, What is drug addiction How to help someone with drug addiction and depression. We even took a look at Songs about drug addiction and also Movies about drug addiction.

So Drug addiction and depression are very common in individual people irrespective of their class, race, or gender. This is a serious condition where the drug-addicted individual can get life-threatening conditions and can easily destroy their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health if left untreated.

So people with these issues should also seek help and if the person is reluctant for help then his close ones or loved ones should provide guidance and help so that the individual can lead a healthier life and have a new perspective and drive regarding life itself.

So if you are or someone who knows needs helps then proceed for taking professional help such as going to the doctor, seeking to consult, talking about the issues in your life, exercising, getting more informed and educated about these issues. These kinds of things can take you out of the rut called depression and drug addiction and can change your life for the better.

Hence, drug addiction is a serious issue in our today’s society and the world as a whole. So people with these issues should not hesitate to seek professional help and treat their condition and enjoy life as a whole.

so we just answered what is drug addiction?

Hence, We now know How to help someone with drug addiction and depression. 

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What is Drug Addiction?