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MBBS Syllabus, Syllabus
Syllabus of first professional Part 1 MBBS for the PMDC exam . contains most important topics and the reference books after each category.the categories are (A) ANATOMY AND HISTOLOGY (B) PHYSIOLOGY (C) BIOCHEMISTRY (D) BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCES (A) ANATOMY AND HISTOLOGY The course outline is as follows :- 1. History of anatomy and the different disciplines of the subject 2. Explain anatomical nomenclature GENERAL ANATOMY Skeletal System 1. Axial skeleton 2. Different bones of human body 3. Axial and appendicular skeleton 4. Functions of bone 5. Classification on the basis of development, region and function 6. General concepts of ossification of bones 7. Parts of young bone 8. Blood supply of long bones 9. Anatomical factors in bone injury (clinical). Joints 1. Structural , regional and fun...