Breast Pain Before Period

Mastodynia, mastalgia are the medical terminology for the Breast pain. Female often complain they have pain before menstruation. Pain in breast before menstruation is normal. If the pain is increase then you should visit the doctor. Pain is breast is cyclic and non-cyclic.
Cyclic Breast Pain
Breast pain in young female before maturation is cyclic type of pain. Generally cyclic pain is present on both breasts. The pain is usually radiating toward the armpit or arm. This type pf pain is usually seen in middle of the menstruation cycles (14 days before periods). This period is ovulation periods in which egg is prepared for possible pregnancy.
The pain is disappears after end of periods. No need to take medication for this pain. Sometime pain in breast may be associated with secretion also.
Is the secretion is normal??
Sometime little amount of secretion also present in cyclic breast pain. This type secretion is normal if secretion is non-milky and clear or white or yellow greenish then consider as normal.
Why cyclic breast pain?
Pain is due to fluctuation of hormones such as progesterone and estrogen. Both of them can cause pain in breast.
In the mid of menstruation cycle (in ovulation period or 14 days before periods) the estrogen and progesterone level is at peak that cause breast pain. The progesterone also helps in fluid retention so due to fluid retention that will leads to heaviness in breast as well as breast pain.
How you can examine breast.
Every month the female should examine their breast. The breast examine can be done during bathing and sleeping time. You can examine your breast while Standing, Sitting and supine position as well.
Method of examine breast.(BSE-Breast Self Exam)

  • Look at the minor and Raise your hand / arm. Or you can put your hand on your wrist. Carefully look your breast.
  • Put your right hand on your left breast then start palpating your breast can be clockwise or anti-clockwise.
  • Start from upper lateral and then go clock wise and examine your breast.

In which case visit to doctor..?                               
You should visit doctor if

  • Pain become severe and increase in tendency day by day. You should visit the doctor.
  • Secretion is increase in amount and bloody secretion then visit to the doctor.
  • any mass found in examination
  • Family history of breast or other cancer.
    The breast cancer is most common type of cancer in female.

Treatment of breast pain:

  • There is no medication is required for cyclic breast pain.
  • NSAID such as aspirin, ibuprofen and Paracetamol can be taken if pain is intolerable
  • Oral contraceptive medication can help to relief the breast pain.
  • EPO and Vitamin E capsule has also good effect in breast pain


Author: zaara Liaquat,MBBS Medical Student


Why Pain in Breast before Menstrual Period?

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