MPH Entrance Exam Syllabus and sample questions

THe syllabus and sample question for the entrance examinaiton of MPH- Master of Public Health  Program, for  POKHARA UNIVERSITY is described as below .
Content and Mark Distribution:

       1Public health theory and practice1015
      3Bio-Statistics and demography1015
       4Environmental and occupational health1015
       5Reproductive and family health1015
      6behavioral sciences1015
      7Health promotion & education1015
       8Research methodology1015
       9Health service management1015
 Epidemiology of disease and health problems1015

Sample questions
The most important element of ethical research on human subjects is:
a.       Beneficence
b.      Justice
c.       A methodologically sound study design
d.      Informed consent
2 The prime cause of illness resulting in death in the poor countries of the tropical and subtropical regions today is –
a.       Plague
b.      Malaria
c.       Dengue
3The most appropriate measure of association for these data is the:
a.       Attributable risk percent
b.      Chi-square
c.       Odds ratio
d.      Risk ratio
4Health promotion includes the alleviation of:
a.       Psychical symptoms
b.      Causative factors
c.       Illness/pain
d.      Physical symptoms and causative factors
One of the most effective strategies for changing behaviors is often learned by watching others. This is called
a.       Reinforcement
b.      Shaping
c.       Modeling
d.      Rational-emotional therapy
6 The theory that states that our behaviors are often influenced by our beliefs is called
a.       The Health Belief Model
b.      Modeling
c.       Cues to action
d.      The Theory of Reasoned Action
7The person or organization responsible for rehabilitation is-
a.       An employer’s doctor
b.      the insurance company
c.       the employer
d.      the employee, when better
8Substance abuse is:
a.       Not a health and safety concern.
b.      A problem that rarely results in death.
c.       Reducing in importance in Australia.
d.      A social and workplace problem
Provision of condoms to individuals is what kind of intervention
a.       Biomedical intervention
b.      Structural intervention
c.       Behavioral intervention
d.      Educational intervention
10.   In constructing an “epidemic curve” the ordinate (vertical axis) displays a measure of:
a.       Time
b.      Magnitude of outcome
c.       Gender
d.      Sexual activities
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