MDMS Syllabus for MECEE-PG Entrance Exam The Medical Education Board Nepal conducting the various PG ( Postgraduate ) Medical courses in Nepal from this year as MECEE- PG every year


MDMS Syllabus for MECEE PG Entrance Exam
MDMS Syllabus for MECEE PG Entrance Exam

As per the board meeting of the Medical Education Commission held on 2076.06.01(18 September2019). Medical Education Commission bears the responsibility to conduct Postgraduate Entrance Examination in the current academic year and Bachelor level entrance exams from the subsequent year. For conducting the Postgraduate common entrance examination, the commission has felt the need to prepare a common syllabus in consultation with experts from various institutions with experience in post graduate entrance examination.

MDMS Syllabus for MECEE-PG Entrance Exam

MDMS Syllabus for MECEE-PG Entrance Exam is being  Conducted by Medical Education Commission. MDMS is Doctor of Medicine (MD)/Master of Surgery (MS) . As per the common entrance examination, the syllabus is as follows :

A. Eligibility for MDMS MECEE-PG Entrance Exam

a. MBBS or equivalent from institutions recognized by the government of Nepal.
b. Registered in Nepal Medical Council.
c. Registered in the respective medical council of applicant’s own country for  foreign candidates.
d. One-year experience (Not mandatory for MDGP, MD/MS in Basic Medical Sciences and Foreign candidates)
e. Candidate should score a minimum of 50% (pass marks) in the Entrance Examinations conducted by Medical Education Commission for being eligible to be on the merit list.

B. Examination Format of MDMS MECEE-PG Entrance Exam

a. Question type: Single best response type of multiple-choice questions (Single correct among Multiple choice questions)

b. Option: Four options (A, B, C, D)
c. Number of questions: 200
d. Full marks: 200
e. Cognitive ratio: Recall:Understanding: Application – 30:50:20 :

Difficulty level: 30/50/20 respective from Recall/Knowledge, Understanding and Application. 

10 questions from Mandatory Verifiable CPD topics are included (Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation, Professional Ethics, Communication Skills, Rational Use of Drugs, Infection Prevention, and Control).

C. Duration: 3 hours

D. Weightage Marks:

The following are the weightage of marks on different topics and subjects in medicine and surgery for the MDMS Syllabus for the MECEE-PG Entrance Exam. The marks are divided as per the clinical subjects and basic science subjects

Clinical Subjects Marks

1. Medicine 18
2. Surgery 18
3. Obstetrics and Gynaecology 12
4. Paediatrics 12
5. Orthopaedics 10
6. Otorhinolaryngology 10
7. Ophthalmology 7
8. Anaesthesiology 7
9. Psychiatry 7
10. Radiology 7
11. Dermatology 7

Basic Medical Science

12. Anatomy 12
13. Physiology 12
14. Pathology 10
15. Pharmacology 10
16. Biochemistry 8
17. Microbiology 8
18. Community medicine and research methodology

  1. a. Community medicine 6
  2. b. Research methodology 4

19. Forensic Medicine 5
20. Questions related to Medical ethics, rational use of drugs, infection prevention, BLS/ACLS com

Subject Wise Weightage in table format


Subjects Marks
Basic Medical Science
Anatomy 12
Physiology 12
Biochemistry 8
Pharmacology 10
Microbiology 8
Pathology 10
Forensic Medicine 5
Community Medicine+ Research Methodology(6+4) 10
Questions related to mandatory CPD( Medical ethics, rational use of drugs, infection prevention, BLS/ACLS, Communication skills) 10
Medicine 18
Surgery 18
Obstetrics and Gynaecology 12
Paediatrics 12
Orthopaedics 10
Otorhinolaryngology 10
Ophthalmology 7
Anaesthesiology 7
Psychiatry 7
Radiology 7
Dermatology 7
Total Marks 200


  • The application must be submitted through
  • Click the link ”Entrance Registration” in the Examination Tab
  • Then click “Start Registration”
  • Go through the eligibility, documents required, registration instruction etc and click next
  • Enter the voucher no of SWIFT transfer, Valid Email Id & contact number
  • Next, fill all the personal information correctly
  • A confirmation page will be displayed which you should print for future reference
MDMS Syllabus for MECEE-PG Entrance Exam

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