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Most Common Useful Mnemonics for the Medical Students

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Most Common Useful Mnemonics for the Medical Students are listed below. These mnemonics will help not only the medical students, but it will also help the medical personnel working in hospitals too. They are mostly from medicine, surgery, orthopedics, ENT, Opthalmology, Health Insurance, and so on. Most Common Useful Mnemonics for the Medical Students Organizing principle for differential diagnoses based on etiology: VITAMINS ABCDEK Vascular – diseases caused by “vessel” (bleed or blocked) or anything related to hematology. Infectious / Inflammatory Traumatic / Toxic Autoimmune or allergy Metabolic Iatrogenic / Idiopathic Neoplastic Social – diseases caused by “social” reasons Alcohol – alcohol-related disorders. Behavioral – behavioral or psychosomati...

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Mnemonics, Surgery Mnemonics
Surgery Mnemonics collections from different sources Pancreatitis: treatment MACHINES: Monitor vital signs Analgesia/ Antibiotics Calcium gluconate (if deemed necessary) H2 receptor antagonist IV access/ IV fluids Nil by mouth Empty gastric contents Surgery if required/ Senior review Appendicitis: Alvarado's scoring system for diagnosis MANTRELS: Migratory pain (1) Anorexia (1) Nausea (1) Tenderness (2) Rebound tenderness (1) Elevated temperature (1) Leucocytosis (2) Shift to left (1) · Score 3-4 = no appendicitis. Score 5-6 = doubtful. Score 7 or more = appendicitis is confirmed. Post operative order list check-up FLAVOR: Fluids Laboratories Activity Vital signs Oral allowances Rx [medications] Child-Pugh classification "Pour Another Beer At Eleven": PT Albumin Bilirubin Ascites Encephalo...
Surgical instruments lists used in OT

Surgical instruments lists used in OT

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List of the surgical instruments used in different types of surgeries Artery Forceps Diagnostic Instruments Ear Instruments Eye Instruments Gall Bladder Instruments Gynecological Instruments Intestinal Instruments Kidney Instruments Nasal Instruments Needle Holders Obstetrics Instruments Oral & Tonsil Instruments Orthopedic Instruments Probes & Directors Retractors Saws & Plaster Instruments Scalpers & Operating Knives Scissors Sinus & Dressing Forceps Splinter Forceps Sterilizer Instruments Suture Instruments Thoracic & Lung Surgery Thumb Dressing & Tissue Forceps Towel Holding Forceps Tracheotomy Instruments