Internal Medicine Mnemonics

Most Common Useful Mnemonics for the Medical Students

Internal Medicine Mnemonics, Mnemonics, Surgery Mnemonics
Most Common Useful Mnemonics for the Medical Students are listed below. These mnemonics will help not only the medical students, but it will also help the medical personnel working in hospitals too. They are mostly from medicine, surgery, orthopedics, ENT, Opthalmology, Health Insurance, and so on. Most Common Useful Mnemonics for the Medical Students Organizing principle for differential diagnoses based on etiology: VITAMINS ABCDEK Vascular – diseases caused by “vessel” (bleed or blocked) or anything related to hematology. Infectious / Inflammatory Traumatic / Toxic Autoimmune or allergy Metabolic Iatrogenic / Idiopathic Neoplastic Social – diseases caused by “social” reasons Alcohol – alcohol-related disorders. Behavioral – behavioral or psychosomati...

Hypoglycemia Mnemoincs

Internal Medicine Mnemonics
Hypoglycemia - H-U-N-G-E-R: B-E-S-T S-A-U-C-E I-S M-S-G   H-Hepatic failure (advanced), Hypothermia U-Uremia/renal failure N-Nausea, vomiting G-Growth hormone deficiency E-Ethanol metabolism blunts gluconeogenesis R-Reye's syndrome   B-Beta blockers E-Enzyme defects (glycogen storage diseases) S-Sepsis T-Tumors: Islet beta cell tumors (pancreatic): Insulinomas Non-islet cell tumors: Large mesenchymal tumors S-Sulfonylureas A-Adrenal insufficiency U-Under 0.3 (insulin/glucose ratio) to make the diagnosis C-C-peptide measurement to rule out factitious hypoglycemia E-Endocrine: Epinephrine, glucagon deficiencies (counterregulatory hormone deficiencies) I-Immune disease with insulin or insulin receptor antibodies S-Sarcomas: large retroperitoneal sarcomas M-Map...

Antiarrhythmics Mnemonics

Internal Medicine Mnemonics
Mnemonic for remembering antiarrhythmics Class Drug Mnemonic Read as: Professor Quackers "dissed" - Lydia's penny Mexican tacos. - Feeling profaned, - proper Bertha Butt - (amiable British socialite) - virtually dismembered 'im. or Professor Quackers dissed Lydia's Penny Mexican Tacos. Feeling profaned, proper Bertha Butt, (amiable British socialite), virtually dismembered 'im.*Note: "Dissed" is used here as the slang term "dis" - from dismiss. I.e., "Don't 'dis' me, man!"   Class IA Procainamide Professor Quinidine Quackers Disopyramide "dissed" * Class IB - Lidocaine Lydia's Phenytoin penny Mexiletine Mexican Tocainide Tacos Class IC Flecainide feeling Propafenone profaned Class II Propranolol proper Beta Blockers Bertha Butt Class III Amiodarone amiable Brety...