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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

You Must be Dentist

A guy and a girl met at a bar. They started getting along really well they decide to go to the girl’s place for a drink. 
A few drinks later, the guy took off his shirt and washed his hands. He then took off his socks and washed his hands. The girl looked at him and says: ‘You must be a dentist!’ 
Flabbergasted, the guy responded ‘Yes, that’s amazing how did you figure that out ?’ 
The girl said: ‘Easy …. you keep washing your hands’ 
One thing led to another, they migrated to the bed and things became more passionate. 
After they were done, the girl said: ‘You must be a GREAT dentist!’ 
The guy was very very surprised, and said ‘Yes, I sure am a great dentist … How did you figure that out??’ 
The girl said: ‘Easy … I didn’t feel a thing’  

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